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Project Goals

It is a primary goal of the City to provide public access to the River as soon as possible by cleaning up and opening parts of the G2 Parcel as separate, distinct projects.

Some of the objectives and goals of the River Park Project include:

  • Park User Experience: Provide safe public access to the Los Angeles River. Serve the region as well as the neighboring communities. Inspire a network of river parks. Create an open space experience that provides access to nature.
  • Recreation: Provide a high-quality environmentally and habitat-friendly place with recreational activities for a full range of park users.
  • Natural Resources: Restore natural habitats to support biodiversity as part of the urban ecology. Support wildlife corridors and connectivity.
  • Environmental: Remediate contaminated soil. Prepare a Response Plan that ensures health and safety. Ensure appropriate environmental clearance.
  • History: Reflect the site’s history. Create a unique sense of place, reflecting its location on the River, and role in the region’s infrastructure.
  • Consistency with Existing Plans: Advance revitalization of the Los Angeles River. Be consistent with previous plans
  • Water: Provide stormwater quality improvement. Maintain or improve flood risk.
  • Transportation and Connectivity: Connect the internal trail system within the Project site to offsite pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as other transportation modes and options.
  • Social and Community: Integrate stakeholder engagement to meet community needs.
  • Sustainability: Advance sustainable/resilient principles.
  • Economic Return and Governance: Create a funding/governance strategy that balances revenue generation needs and community needs.
  • Design Excellence: Evaluate opportunities and constraints at multiple scales. Provide multiple scenarios for review. Serve as an icon that inspires the world.

Based on the goals and objectives of the River Park Project, three design concepts were developed: