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LA River

The Taylor Yard G2 Park Projects are a major step towards revitalization of the LA River, as envisioning in the City's 2007 LA River Revitalization Master Plan.

The transformation of this newly-acquired, 42-acre, river-adjacent site will create habitat restoration, support environmental cleanup and sustainability, and open more than one mile of direct river access to local communities.

The G2 site is situated in the center of the LA Basin and in the middle of the Los Angeles River (at Mile 25) as it winds through Los Angeles County.

The Los Angeles River runs approximately 51 miles through urban Los Angeles and several neighboring cities to the Harbor and the Pacific Ocean. The first 32 miles of the River flow through the City of Los Angeles. It was once a natural river which changed its course and flooded the area several times. Its wild nature led to its concrete channelization beginning in 1938 and completed in 1960. While channelization provided valuable flood protection to adjacent people and property, it changed Angelenos’ relationship with the waterway and led to the River’s neglect. Views of the River have evolved over the past several decades and the River is now valued for its potential to reconnect and revitalize neighborhoods and restore diminished habitat for wildlife, while continuing to provide effective flood control.

With the extraordinary transformation of how Angelenos’ value the River, the City of Los Angeles and thousands of residents have rallied to support its restoration with the understanding that the River watershed is central to making Los Angeles a sustainable city. The River has significant potential for natural, community, and economic resources which, if harnessed, would present significant opportunities to revitalize the adjacent neighborhoods.