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The Yards - Design Concept

The Yards celebrates the site’s industrial history by overlaying human activities and natural elements onto the ruins of the historic rail yards. This concept maintains the existing concrete trapezoidal river channel and LADWP power lines and towers while creating an extensive path network, cantilevered moments that extend over the channel, and programmed area throughout the site. Stormwater and river water would be diverted to a large bioretention BMP that would clean the water through a constructed wetland system before being directed back into the River. Cut and fill would be managed on-site, with excavation from the bioretention BMP creating undulating hills and topography. An open meadow area would allow for flexible uses and picnicking while a broad esplanade would extend and contract along the River’s edge to allow visitors unique views of the River and surrounding valley. An interactive art piece and pavilion would occupy the former site of the turntable as the central node of the site.

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