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US Army Corps of Engineering Ecosystem Restoration Project

The G2 Parcel also falls within the center of the US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Project, often referred to as the ARBOR or "Area with Restoration Benefits and Opportunities for Revitalization" Study.

The ARBOR Study is a joint project of the City of Los Angeles and the US Army Corps of Engineers to restore the natural and hydrological processes of the LA River in an 11-mile section from Griffith Park to downtown Los Angeles, and includes the section of the River immediately adjacent to the G2 Parcel. It is considered the most ecologically progressive plan on the River to-date, targeting 700 acres of riparian restoration in the coming decades, and the only plan that calls for concrete removal. G2 will be an essential part of this effort.

To read the ARBOR Study, please click HERE.