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Health and Safety Procedures

To protect the surrounding community and on-site workers during field activities, field work was conducted in the Summer of 2018 according to a site-specific Health and Safety Plan approved by the DTSC.

For example, dust was suppressed by spraying water on soil to ensure that the amount of dust generated is minimized, and stockpiled soil will be covered with plastic sheeting. Air monitoring was conducted to monitor the amount of dust generated and ensure that spraying the soil with water is effective.

During Site Assessments, the City and our technicians used the highest standard health and safety procedures.

These procedures included:

  • Visual dust monitoring
  • Work zone air monitoring (using air quality meters)
  • Chemical-specific gas measuring and filtering devices
  • Water spray for dust control during excavations- Proper disposal of soil samples

In addition to these contamination mitigation strategies that were implemented during the site assessments work, the City sprayed an eco-friendly dust suppressant, called "Soil Sement", to the bare soils of the site in April 2019.