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100 Acre Partnership

The newly-constituted 100 Acre Partnership, which includes the California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks), the City of Los Angeles and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), will support efforts to complete, over time, the planning, remediation and development of all 100 acres of open and recreational space along the LA River at Taylor Yard.

The Paseo del Río project is anticipated to be the first of many Taylor Yard projects undertaken by the Partnership.

The Partnership partners signed a Letter of Intent in early 2020, outlining goals and expectations for working together to plan, coordinate, and deliver projects; a formal MOU is now being drafted among the partners.

Along with implementation of the Paseo del Río Project, the 100 Acre Partnership is committed to securing funding for much-needed improvements to sports fields and amenities at Río de Los Angeles State Park, with the active recreation amenities operated by the City's Recreation and Park Department.

For more information about the Partnership, including the Letter of Intent, please go to the partnership website: