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Rio de Los Angeles State Park Fields Maintenance Improvements Project


The Rio de Los Angeles State Park Fields Maintenance Improvements Project (Project) will include renovation of the three existing fields located at the south end of the Rio de Los Angeles State Park. The three existing fields will be renovated to include two synthetic turf soccer fields, one natural turf soccer field, and new field lighting. The Project will also replace the existing restroom, provide new and renovated walking paths, renovate the existing south-end parking lot, renovate the existing picnic area, provide new shade structures, add new landscaping and trees, and install lighting and security cameras.

This Project scope was developed from community input and user feedback that was initiated in 2018 and continued with five community meetings in 2019, a virtual Community Meeting on April 13, 2022, and a final community open house on January 28, 2023. The project scope and information were also shared with the public at the Taylor Yard Paseo del Rio community meetings held on August 13, 2022, and August 5, 2023, at Rio de Los Angeles State Park.

The modifications will increase the amount of time fields are in good condition by making two fields synthetic and increasing the hours of play by adding field lights. The project will also provide more areas for teams and the community to spend time in the park, increase shade, increase native plants, and add new walking options for users.

The project is being led by the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering for the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and in coordination with the California Department of Parks and Recreation State Parks. The Project is being funded by $6.2 million in state grants and $3.4 million from the City of Los Angeles.

The project Construction Contract has been awarded and Construction is anticipated to start after Memorial Day 2024. Construction is anticipated to take approximately a year to complete.
The projects under the 100 Acre Partnership: Rio Fields Maintenance Improvements, Paseo del Rio, the Bowtie Project, and the Wetlands Demonstration Project are intended to add or restore habitat and also improve recreation and open space. We are excited to collaborate with interested members of the public to create these nature-focused and recreation projects that will increase biodiversity in our region. 

Habitat for the least Bell’s vireo has been found at Rio de Los Angeles State Park. Both California State Parks and the City of Los Angeles are coordinating with the resource agencies, United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), to ensure that both the current operations and future construction at Rio de Los Angeles State Park, Bowtie G1 Parcel and Taylor Yard G2 Parcel do not impact the species. Due to the sensitive nature of the species and our desire for this species to thrive we are not publicly sharing the specific observation data.

The City has been and will continue to coordinate with the CDFW and USFWS regarding the least Bell’s vireo at Rio de Los Angeles State Park and the upcoming construction project. The City developed a plan with CDFW and USFWS to avoid impacts to the least Bell's vireo particularly regarding construction noise. The City is also conducting protocol surveys for the least Bell's vireo at the park during this breeding season (Spring and Summer) in coordination with CDFW and USFWS. 

The final design for the project is provided below. 


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